WEB Pentesting

Web Penetration Testing: What It Is Web Penetration Testing is as the name suggestions, a penetration test that focuses solely on a web application rather than a network or company. The underlying concept and objectives for discovering security weakness and

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Vulnerable Apps from Security Vendors to Practice

Acunetix                   http://testasp.vulnweb.com/ Acunetix                   http://testaspnet.vulnweb.com/ Acunetix                   http://testphp.vulnweb.com/ Cenzic crackmebank        http://crackme.cenzic.com HP freebank             http://zero.webappsecurity.com IBM altoromutual   http://demo.testfire.net/ Mavituna                  http://aspnet.testsparker.com Mavituna                  http://php.testsparker.com NTOSpider                http://www.webscantest.com/

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More Website to Practice your Hacking Skills

Embedded Security CTF https://microcorruption.com EnigmaGroup http://www.enigmagroup.org/ Escape http://escape.alf.nu/ Google Gruyere http://google-gruyere.appspot.com/ Gh0st Lab http://www.gh0st.net/ Hack This Site http://www.hackthissite.org/ HackThis http://www.hackthis.co.uk/ HackQuest http://www.hackquest.com/ Hack.me https://hack.me Hacking-Lab https://www.hacking-lab.com Hacker Challenge http://www.dareyourmind.net/ Hacker Test http://www.hackertest.net/ hACME Game http://www.hacmegame.org/ Halls Of Valhalla http://halls-of-valhalla.org/beta/challenges Hax.Tor

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