static application security testing (SAST), is a method for analyzing an application’s uncompiled source code without executing the code itself. Static code analysis has actually been around longer than most people realize.

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Source code analysis will allow your developers to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities during the earlier stages of the development process and a final, secure code review will let you sleep ever sounder at night knowing that your application has undergone a full, comprehensive security test before the application rolls out on production.


The Three Pillars of Application Security

There are three main pillars on which your security gameplan should be built upon to achieve optimal developer engagement, along with the desired vulnerability detection capabilities.

1 – Tools – The first pillar deals with the picking of the right solution/s from the vast choice of static code analysis tools available today. Since your developers are going to be the primary users, you want to get their buy-in before selecting the solution. The security scanner has to be developer friendly. It must not introduce limitations to your developers work environment and it also must not slow down their development efforts, while ensuring fast remediation times.

2 – Skills – Developers are not security experts. You want to make sure your static code analysis tools come with a variety of services and educational programs which can assist the developers (i.e – exporting results for offline scrutiny), while also helping them grow their AppSec expertise.

3 – Methodology – Creating and solidifying a secure Software Development Life Cycle (sSDLC) is a sustainable remediation strategy that provides good remediation performance. You need to make sure that you have the ability to enhance the organization’s application security maturity level by integrating the scanner at all stages of the SDLC, while also having the ability to design your program so that you have clear KPIs and milestones along the way to ensure your success.

static application security testing (SAST)

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