Dark Reading

A must-read for InfoSec professionals of all kinds, Information Week’s Dark Reading has cultivated a great staff and contributing staff writing detailed and thoughtful pieces on a variety of topics with the goal of “connecting the information security community.”


Wired Threat Level

While most recognize Wired as an on tech, they’ve also become an established voice on security, with insightful commentary and long, thought-provoking essays on issues ranging from the NSA to USB. Follow Threat Level not only for the current security news but for the great writing you’ll learn to expect from them.


Ars Technica Risk Assessment

Another tech blog with a reputable security section, Ars Technica’s Risk Assessment is an invaluable news resource to keep us up to date. Led by Dan Goodin’s admirable way of writing about technical security topics for the ‘layman,’ this is another must-follow news site.


SANS Software Security AppSec Blog

SANS in general is a great resource to turn to, and their AppSec blog is just one of those great offerings. Their editorial staff write comprehensive resources around important topics like the Secure Software Development Lifecycle and the gap between developers and the security team.


The Hacker News

A great resource for white-hats everywhere, The Hacker News offers news and tutorials in an array of InfoSec areas. With monthly readership in the millions, we guess we’re not the only ones who get value from The Hacker News!


The Register

Delivering the news with their one-of-a-kind wit, The Register is an established British news site with a language few could master but them. Just the article title’s are enough to make you question whether you’re reading security news or the InfoSec section of The Onion.

 And they couldn’t have picked a more fitting tagline for themselves: “Biting the hand that feeds IT.”


SC Magazine

Providing cyber security professionals with the news they need to know, SC Magazine is another news site providing more than just bulletins. Their Data Breach Blog is a great addition to their main offering, as well!


NYT Bits – Security

For high-level stories about security policy in the government and big business as well as InfoSec industry analysis, we turn to the Security section of the New York Times Bits blog. Nicole Perlroth, joined by fellow contributors, write intriguing cyber security articles that are notable for their big picture views.


Security Current

 “By CISOs, for CISOs,” this blog will not be for every reader, but even if you’re not head of information security, you’ll still find meaning in the in-depth analysis you’ll find on Security Current.



Offering a nice mix of news updates, articles, and videos covering an array of cyber security areas, SearchSecurity is perfect for InfoSec pros at all levels.

Cyber Security News Sites

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